• Salary$55,000
  • Reference12345
  • Contact nameMark Tim
  • Contact phone123 456 7890
  • Expiry date10/01/2019
  • Job TypeInternship
  • Urgent Yes
  • Contract Permanent
  • LocationToronto
  • QualificationBachelor Degree, Master’s Degree
  • Job LevelsIntermediate


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  • Unquestionable integrity
  • Controlled assertiveness
  • High energy level
  • Sense of humor
  • Sets and achieves goals and deadlines
  • Team oriented
  • Strong verbal and written communicator
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Experience and knowledge of the freight business and 3rd Party Logistics

Job Description:

  • Contribute to the personality of the Branch
  • Conduct all business activities within legal, moral, and ethical guidelines
  • Works to achieve short and long term goals as defined by the Branch Manager and corporate direction
  • Complete reports and tasks in a timely fashion
  • Identify and effectively communicate needs of the Branch to the Branch Manager
  • Communicate effectively with the Branch Manager
  • Complete any and all tasks as may be required by the Branch Manager
  • Develop and maintain effective computer literacy
  • Contribute to the growth of the Branch’s annual revenue goals
  • Contribute to maintaining the Branch’s expense goals
  • Effectively manage phones, answering, forwarding, etc.
  • Effectively book loads utilizing current system
  • Effectively accepts new freight movements
  • Effectively utilize mileage programs to complete rate requests
  • Ensure signed rate quotes are received from customers
  • Effectively post loads utilizing the Branch’s preferred method
  • Effectively dispatch drivers
  • Effectively organize all loads and load information
  • Effectively track all loads
  • Effectively set up new carriers
  • Maintain carrier insurance and contact information
  • Maintain rate quotes
  • Effectively conduct after hours procedures as determined by Branch Manager


  • A dedicated expert
  • Medical/Dental Insurance
  • Some bonuses
  • Travel reimbursement


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