Non enim Corp.

199-125 E 4th St Los Angeles, CA 90013

(123) 456 7890


Job Overview

  • Salary$90,000
  • Reference12345
  • Contact nameDavid Brown
  • Contact phone(456) 789 0123
  • Expiry date10/11/2018
  • Job TypeInternship
  • Urgent No
  • Contract Permanent
  • LocationUSA / San Francisco
  • QualificationDiploma
  • Experiences3 Years
  • Languages Turkish
  • Job LevelsExecutive

Job Description

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Skills and Requirements

  • Studied Computer Science,
  • 2+ years of software development experience,
  • Skills in Java, Python or Scala,
  • Passionate about learning big data, data mining and data analysis technologies.
  • Self-motivated; independent, organized and proactive; highly responsive, flexible, and adaptable when working across multiple teams,
  • Strong SQL skills, including query optimization are required. Experience working with large, complex datasets is required.
  • Experience with recommendation systems and data warehouse technologies are preferred.
  • You possess an intense curiosity about data and a strong commitment to practical problem-solving
  • Creative in thinking data centric products which will be used in online customer behaviors and marketing.


  • You will build Hadoop/Spark processing pipelines to prepare data for user interactive analytics;
  • Build systems to pull meaningful insights from our data platform;
  • Integrate our analytics platform internally across products and teams;
  • Focus on performance, throughput, latency and drive these throughout our architecture;
  • Design scalable and highly available architecture, monitor and manage it.

Job Benefits

  • A dedicated expert
  • Medical/Dental Insurance
  • Some bonuses
  • Travel reimbursement


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