Welcome Resta

You are most welcome in our Resta for dinner from 6 pm to 10.30 pm. Offering a unique luncheon and dining experience for locals and visitors alike. It is our pleasure to extend our hospitality and service to those who would like to experience fine Resta cuisine.

Flexible Menu

Whether you’re looking to dine with three people or 20 people,  we can mix and match food combinations without a hassle. No one has to fight over the last spring roll!

Superior Value

If you are looking for value for money, Luxrest delivers. You will receive a fresh 100% home  made dish in a portion size that won’t leave you scrapping your plate.

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Reserve By Phone

You can speak directly to our representative at any time. Use any of the following numbers based on your current location.

+(123)456 7890
+(987)456 7890
+(987)654 3210
+(123)456 7890


Reserve By E-Mail

It is really better to book a table in advance to be sure you will not have to wait. If you don't have a local connection you can book via mail.

+(123)456 7890
+(123)456 7890

Special Reservations

Private Dining

Entertain with us

Resta offers private dining for any size group, whether an intimate party of 8 or a large celebration for up to 300 guests.

Group Dining

Meetings and more

Resta is an ideal space for large gatherings like groom’s dinners, networking happy hours, holiday parties, meetings and more.

Corporate Dining

Feed the body, feed the mind

Our corporate dining programs provide culinary innovations, food safety practices and more for your employees.

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302/ Hawerd Square, Near Avenue street, New York


+(123)456 7890




+(123)456 7890